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Check out my Blog, HOT FLASHES: Musings on Middle-Aged Motherhood and Life with Arlene Lassin 

Click here to read the story, "Joshua." Stubborn 11 yr. old Non-Reader Vs. Even MORE Stubborn Teacher. True Teacher Appreciation Story.

Click here to read the story, "A Miraculous Wedding Dance."
I wrote this after Gary and I attended the wedding of Sheryl and Joe Sowa.
Sheryl was Gary's bone marrow recipient.

My other essay pieces are available upon request. Click here to send me an email request for other essay pieces.

I am a freelance professional journalist currently writing for:

The Houston Chronicle - the main Houston newspaper and the 7th largest daily newspaper in the Country. Hundreds and hundreds of features have been published on this site, and all are accessible.
To access stories, go to search and type in Arlene Nisson Lassin (These will be her most current and most requested features). For older pieces, go to archives to search and type in Arlene Nisson Lassin.

The Buzz Magazines

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Arlene Nisson Lassin earned a master's degree in Educational Psychology and worked in diverse positions through the years including promotions for the Philadelphia Phillies, as an investigator for a federal agency, and in industrial psychology.

An offer from a small newspaper to write features launched a writing career that has resulted in Arlene's being published nationally, regionally, and locally.

Continuing through the years as a free lance journalist, she was contracted by the 7th largest daily newspaper in the U.S., the Houston Chronicle, to write people features and other items of interest to the community, as well as religion stories.

She is also currently affiliated with a Houston based magazine, The Buzz Magazines.

Most recently, the Chronicle began publishing her blog, which includes a series of columns on her humorous musings on life, as well as topical essays, and think pieces.

Arlene has a novel in progress, and two other outlined ideas for novels. They will all be written in the Chick Lit genre, and will feature her patented brand of humor.

She is the wife of Gary Lassin and the mother of Brett Riesenfeld, a lawyer, and Elissa Riesenfeld, a graduate student in psychology. Arlene also boasts three wonderful stepchildren, Chad, an artist, Adam, a veterinarian, and Perry, a professional digital photography tech, photographer and videographer.


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